EDC Knives

There's no wrong answer when it comes to choosing a blade for your everyday carry, but a sub-par one will end up cutting you when you try to draw it, will snag on your pocket, is difficult to open, and often won't hold an edge during daily use. Frog Man: We didn't expect the key to a quality knife to be rubber, but Gerber has proven that using a tachhide handle along with rubbery texture and rubber thumbstuds makes the Tech Skin a softer knife that won't scratch up your smartphone screen, but can both take and dish out abuse over the long run.
The entire knife blade is designed to perform pulling sweeping type cuts as it is mostly belly. Made with CPM-S30V steel, the blade is sturdy and can retain its edge longer than most EDC and Best Folding Tactical Knife regular knives. The Kobold features an intelligently-designed 1.75 drop-point blade that integrates a pronounced belly for slicing work and a strong trip for heavy-duty piercing work.

Our main complaint about the TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening model is the fact that its blade doesn't always fold all the way to the end, which could cause some damage to other items that you're carrying in your pocket - to your smartphone, for example.
This doesn't mean anti-corrosive blades will automatically have horrible edge retention but they will most likely not have as high a performance level as a blade that doesn't have anti-corrosive properties, given that both metal materials are of relatively the same quality.

Different locks operate in different ways—some are ambidextrous, some move your fingers away from the path of the blade, and so on. Learn more about common knife lock mechanisms in our beginner's guide to knife locks to find the right one for your needs.
To label a pocketknife elegant seems like farce, but you only have to glance at this artwork in satin finish and brushed stainless steel to see the truth of it. The slimline profile is rapier-like compared to most squat pocketknives, and the frame-lock features fewer moving parts, making for lightweight and streamlined EDC.
Its been around for decades and was designed specifically for use in the Army's Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape program, hence the name SERE assigned to it. the SERE 2000 has been a top choice for an EDC knife by many, including Army special forces.

A lot of quality flip out knives have adjustable pivot tension allowing you the option of tightening them, making them require lots of motion to flip out or even requiring you to pull them out, or loosening them, making them extremely easy and smooth to flip out with just a quick snap from your wrist.
And that becomes all the more apparent when you take into account its construction: a simple single-piece handle made from your choice of brass or iron (of which both will age beautifully and uniquely) and a reverse-tanto blade crafted from legendary blue paper steel.
But everything else that makes this a great knife stays the same: the CPM-S35VN stainless steel blade and the beautiful 6Al4V titanium frame handle's quality set this knife apart from the standard mass-produced item you might find on shelves, and that impeccable attention to detail is available to you if you have the cash to spring for it.

Multi-tool knives are the most versatile pocket knives you can carry with you everywhere you go. The great thing about these types of knives is the fact that they not only include a blade, but also other useful tools you may need in your everyday life.
They don't do well stacked up to premium brands but when you set them aside knives of similar quality and price, you'll see why I recommend them as their value versus their direct competitors is always right on par or better. The blades are constructed of VG-10, the steel we know and trust when it comes to anti-corrosion and durability without much maintenance and is held together with fiberglass nylon filling and polymer blended handle.

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